Tools for families

For over a decade, SmartSAVER has made the fostering of financial literacy, behavior change and aspirational thinking integral to its work on increasing participation in the Canada Learning Bond (CLB) among modest-income families. We developed several tools and resources that helped families understand the benefits of educational savings, know how to access their benefits, and calculate the amount of funding that they might be eligible to receive and save.

Game of life

This infographic for an Ontario audience and based on research by Andrew Parkin illustrates how family savings, income earned through student jobs and available grants make it possible to graduate from post-secondary institutions debt-free.

Eligibility calculator

This simple tool allows families to enter their child's name, age, province of residence and family income in order to find out what education grants they might be eligible to receive.

RESP savings calculator

This tool allows families to visualize how their savings and grants can accumulate over time, based on the user’s data about their monthly savings contributions.